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Multiple District 4 California Lions

Committee Openings for Members-At-Large Accepting applications























Standing Committees

Budget and Finance Committee

PDG Vicki Beeman, Chair 4-A2, Term 2017-21 - Area 3

PDG Steve Picchi 4-C4, Term 2018-22 - Area 2

PDG Pat Casey-Gillum 4-A1, Term 2019-23 - Area 1

PCC Rob Manning 4-L5, Term 2020-24 - Area 4

Governor members: DG Bill Ridle 4-C3, 1VDG Gabi Hartzler 4-A1, 2VDG Linda Amerault 4-L5


Constitution and Bylaws and Rules Committee

PDG Larry Wehage, Chair 4-L2, Term 2017-21- -Area 4

PDG Bob DeUnger 4-C6, Term 2018-22 - Area 3

PDG Kazuyoshi Sato 4-C3, Term 2019-23 - Area 2

PCC Logan McKechnie 4-A1, Term 2016-20 - Area 1

Governor members:

DG Linda Pugliese 4-C6, DG Joe Massoni 4-C2, 1VDG David Hamilton 4-A2, 2VDG Linda Barbara 4-C3


Convention Management Committee

PDG James Lee, Chair 4-C3, Term 2017-21 - Area 2

PDG John Ruiz 4-L6, Term 2018-22 - Area 4

Leland Lee 4-C4, Term 2019-23 - Area 2

PDG Maggie Roberson 4-A2, Term 2020-24 - Area 1

Governor members: DG Cat Gon 4-C5, 1VDG Cindy Lemas-Gillespie 4-C2, 2VDG Falguni Patel 4-A2



International Convention Hospitality Committee

Lion Lily Harris, Chair 4-L3, Term 2017-21 - Area 3

PDG Alberto Montes De Oca 4-L2, Term 2018-22 - Area 4

PDG Esther Lee 4-C4, Term 2019-23 - Area 2

Josephine Fong 4-C5, Term 2020-24 - Area 1

Governor members: DG Phil Burch 4-L5, 1VDG James Varghese 4-C3, 2VDG John Hui 4-C4


Long Range Planning and Research Committee

Lion Dr. Mark Bellnap 4-L5, Term 2019-21 - Area 4

PDG Linda Griffin, Chair 4-C3, Term 2018-22 - Area 2

PCC Derek Ledda 4-C5, Term 2019-23 - Area 1

PDG Ken Blackwood 4-L3, Term 2020-24 - Area 3

Governor members: DG David Paul Beeman 4-A2, 1VDG Allen King 4-C6, 2VDG Kevin Johnson 4-C6


Marketing Communications & Information Committee 

Lion Dr. Alan Winkelstein, Chair 4-L5, Term 2019-21 - for Area 4

Lion Donna Duffey 4-A1, Term 2019-22 - Area 2

Lion Jason Laird 4-A3, Term 2019-23 - Area 3

PDG Doug Wight 4-C5, Term 2020-24 - Area 1

Governor members: DG Tyler Spencer 4-C1, DG Linda Pugliese 4-C6, 1VDG Allen King 4-C6, 2VDG John Hui 4-C4

2VDG Beverlee Block 4-C2


Student Speakers Committee

Mary Manning, Chair 4-L6, Term 2017-21 - Area 4

Garrett Becker 4-A1, Term 2014-18 - Area 1

PDG Chirakumar "Kevin" Patel 4-A2, Term 2019-23 - Area 3

Audrey Wottrich 4-C2, Term 2020-24 - Area 2

Governor members: DG Brian Clapper 4-L6, 1VDG Fred Caldera 4-L5, 2VDG Beverlee Block 4-C2


Lions Youth Outreach Committee 

Myrna Averia 4-L3, Term 2019-21 - Area 3

PDG Jamie Hart, Chair 4-C1, Term 2018-22 - Area 1

Jeero Habeshia 4-L1, Term 2019-23 - Area 4

Margaret lee, 4-C4,  Term 2020-24 - Area 2

Governor members: DG Woody Hugh 4-L2, 1VDG Harry Shuster 4-L2, 1VDG Karen Crook 4-C1, 2VDG open


Other Required Committee

Youth Exchange Committee

Diane Quinlan, Chair 4-L4, Term 2019-21 - South

Angelica Ruiz 4-L6, Term 2018-22 - South

Carrie Guadagnolo 4-A1, Term 2019-23 - North

PDG Thelma Batilo 4-C6, Term 2020-24 - North

Governor members: DG Jay No 4-L3,  1VDG Dr. Jun Valera 4-C4, 1VDG Jennifer Mendoza 4-L6, 2VDG Doug Campbell 4-A1


North Distircts for this committee are: 4-C1-4-A2

South are: 4-A3-4-L6


For GAT members click here.





To All Lions of MD4: 

MD4 Council of Governors is seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:  

MD4 Website Manager 


Click the title for the Job descriptions for each of the listed vacancies. The following documents must be submitted to our Council by the end of the day on Saturday, June 6, 2020

It has also been requested by the 2019/2020 Council of Governors, that there be no campaigning. 

1. A cover letter addressing the following: 

    a. Why are you seeking the position? 

    b. What do you envision for the coming year? 

    c. What do you see as the greatest challenge? 

    d. Why are you the best candidate? 

2. Resume 


Please reply by email with Cover Letter and Resume attached by Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Interview date is to be determined. 

Selection Process: Following the interviews, each governor team will cast their vote after reaching consensus on the person they select. (Governor, 1st & 2nd Vice-District Governors). 

Please submit your packet to DG Juanita Nichols 

Email to: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our council members or reply to this email and your questions will be addressed. 


MD4 Council of Governors 2019/2020


MD4 Committees

Responsibilities of all Committee members:

Each member accepting an appointment on a Multiple District Four committee agrees to attend the required council meetings. (See schedule under each committee.) If for any reason you cannot attend, please notify the committee chairperson and the Multiple District Four Office. The committee chairperson may appoint a substitute (next most senior member) for that required meeting. All committee members are expected to attend the MD-4 convention.


Budget and Finance 

This Committee prepares the budget and oversees the financial affairs of MD4. 
(Full committee 1st and 2nd; Chair and Senior Member 3rd and 4th)

Constitution and Bylaws and Rules
This Committee shall examine the Constitution & Bylaws of MD-4 each year. Rules and reviews all proposed amendments. (See Bylaws for further definition of duties and responsibilities)

(Full committee 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th)

Convention Management 
This Committee manages the convention by overseeing all responsibilities for the annual MD-4 Convention. Forms available in Library.
(Full committee 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Chair only 4th)

International Convention Hospitality 
This Committee oversees all responsibilities for the International Convention. 
(Chair only 1st, 3rd, 4th; Full committee 2nd)

Lions Youth Outreach 
This committee oversees all youth programs to assist our youth in becoming socially responsible adults. 
(Full committee 1st)

Long Range Planning and Research 
This Committee shall formulate and study for the benefit of the Council of Governors all long range planning for the welfare of MD4 and shall conduct all appropriate research to accomplish this purpose.
(Chair only 1st and 4th; Full committee 2nd and 3rd)

Marketing Communications and Information Technology 
This committee is responsible for informing the general public of any and all Lion related matters and keeping the Lions of MD-4 informed. MD4 Web Manager
(Full committee 1st, Chair at 3rd)

Student Speakers 
This committee is responsible for matters related to the MD-4 Student Speaker Contest. 
(Full committee 1st and 4th. District chairs are required to attend the 4th)



Youth Exchange Committee 
This committee conducts the Youth Exchange Program. 
See Youth Exchange Foundation website for Forms.
(Chair only 2nd; full committee 3rd)

Global Leadership Team (GLT) 
The MD4 Coordinator is trained by Lions International to direct and aid the Team in helping with all leadership training and programs in MD-4. They work closely with the GMT and GST. 
(Full Team 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

Global Membership Team (GMT) 
The MD4 Coordinator is trained by Lions International to direct and aid the Team in overseeing Membership Development, Retention and Extension training, and programs for MD-4.
 They work closely with GLT and GST. An extension of the GMT is the Family and Women's Membership Development Specialist.
(Full Team 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

Global Service Team (GST) 
The Global Service Team (GST) will champion the service framework of LCI and LCIF and empower Lions and Leos around the world to maximize impactful service, action, and growth. They work closely with GLT and GMT. An extension of the GST is the Lioness Specialist.
(Full Team 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

Special Chairpersons
The MD4 special chairperson support Lions and Leos engaged or interested in projects to meet challenges at the local and global level. They may collaborate with leadership throughout the organization, including the Global Service Team (GST). Attendance at council meetings is welcomed but not required. 


​All will submit the the MD4 Headquarters a quarterly report 2 weeks prior to a Council of Governors meeting.


MD4 Convention Seminars will be determined by the Council of Governors at the 2nd Meeting.

Seminars are considered 1 hour, presented by one person. If this person is required to attend the prior 2 day Council of Governors meeting they will receive reimbursement for the 2 day meeting aligned with the MD4 General Rules of Reimbursement policy, and if not required at the prior Council of Governors meeting, then will be eligible for one day reimbursement aligned with the same policy. Seminars must be approved by the Council at the Fall meeting,

All Committee members are expected to attend the MD-4 Convention at their own expense.

Budget Request form 2021-2022



Reimbursement form for expenses from committee budgets.


Rules of Reimbursement form for COG meetings.

(Lodging, Meals, Mileage/Flight.)


Appointment Form (digital form below.)


Policy and Procedures

​Constitution and Bylaws


MD4 Committee Appointment Form

Committee Appointment Form

To: The Council of Governors and the District Governors-Elect; I am willingly submitting this application to be approved by the Council of Governors. By submitting this form I accept such appointment offered to me.