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Multiple District Four

California Lions Clubs International

MD4 Committees

Responsibilities of all Committee members:

Each member accepting appointment on a Multiple District Four committee agrees to attend the required council meetings. (See schedule under each committee.) If for any reason you cannot attend, please notify the committee chairperson and the Multiple District Four Office. The committee chairperson may appoint a substitute (senior member) for that required meeting. All committee members are expected to attend the MD-4 convention.


Budget and Auditing 

This Committee prepares the budget and oversees the financial affairs of MD4. 

  • (Full committee 1st and 2nd; Chair and Senior Member 3rd and 4th)

Club Services 

This Committee oversees the endorsed projects, white cane day contributions and flag set. 

  • (Full committee 1st and Chair only 4th)

Constitution and Bylaws 
This Committee shall examine the Constitution & Bylaws of MD-4 each year. Rules and reviews all proposed amendments. (See Bylaws for further definition of duties and responsibilities)

  • (Full committee 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th)

Convention Management 
This Committee oversees all responsibilities for the annual MD-4 Convention. Forms available in Library.

  • (Full committee 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Chair only 4th)

International Convention Hospitality 
This Committee oversees all responsibilities for the International Convention. 

  • (Chair only 1st, 3rd, 4th; Full committee 2nd)

Lioness Committee 
This committee oversees and reports on all Lioness club activity.

  • (Full committee 1st; Chair only 2nd)

Lions Youth Outreach 
This committee oversees all youth programs to assist our youth in becoming socially responsible adults. 

  • (Full committee 1st)

Long Range Planning and Research 
This Committee shall formulate and study for the benefit of the Council of Governors all long range planning for the welfare of MD4 and shall conduct all appropriate research to accomplish this purpose.

  • (Chair only 1st and 4th; Full committee 2nd and 3rd)

Public Relations and Information Technology 
This committee is responsible for informing the general public of any and all Lion related matters and keeping the Lions of MD-4 informed. 

  • (Full committee 1st)

Student Speakers 
This committee is responsible for matters related to the MD-4 Student Speaker Contest. 

  • (Full committee 1st and 4th. District chairs are expected to attend the 4th)


Youth Exchange Committee 
This committee oversees the Youth Exchange Program. 
See Youth Exchange Foundation website for Forms.
  MD-4 Youth Exchange Foundation

  • (Chair only 2nd; full committee 3rd)

Global Leadership Team (GLT) 
The MD4 Coordinator is trained by Lions International to direct and aid the Team in helping with all leadership training and programs in MD-4. 

  • (Coordinator 1st, Full Team 2nd and 3rd; Chair plus one 4th)

Global Membership Team (GMT) 
The MD4 Coordinator is trained by Lions International to direct and aid the Team in overseeing Membership Development, Retention and Extension training, and programs for MD-4.

  • (Full Team 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

Family and Women's Membership and Development 
This committee shall provide for the development and growth of family and women’s membership among Lions Clubs of Multiple District Four.

(Full committee 1st.)

MD-4 Convention Seminars will be determined by the Council of Governors at the 2nd Meeting.

All Committee members are expected to attend the MD-4 Convention at their own expense.

Administrative Office

Cass Cara
Executive Administrator

MD-4 Admin Office
129 Los Aguajes Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Local:  805-963-6681
Toll Free:  800-546-6634
Fax:  805-963-8254

E-mail:  Cass Cara, MD4 Executive Administrator