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Multiple District 4 California Lions


What is an endorsed project?

  • A Multiple District Four (MD4) sponsored or endorsed project is one that has been reviewed and approved by the current Council of Governors to seek support and funds from Lions clubs throughout Multiple District Four. Through council endorsement, all fifteen Governors are approving solicitation within their own district. This means the project does not need to contact each Governor for individual district endorsement.
  • This is different from a district project that seeks support from the Lions clubs within the boundaries of that district only. A project may not solicit support or funds outside the boundaries of its own district without the specific approval of the Governor of that district.
  • Endorsement by MD4 also entitles the project to purchase mailing labels or spreadsheet of data for Lions clubs in MD4. In addition, the project is listed in the annual MD4 Directory.
  • As stated in the MD4 bylaws, any project or movement seeking endorsement must be in accord with the principles and purposes of Lionism.
  • Endorsement of any project does not create any agency or financial responsibilities on behalf of MD4.


How is a project endorsed?

Criteria - Each project must meet at least three of the stated criteria. In addition, a current financial statement must be on file at the MD-4 office as well as a list of the board of Directors of the organization. 

  1. Service – at least 4 sub-districts of Multiple District Four must participate and receive services.
  2. Fundraising – at least 4 sub-districts must contribute financial support.
  3. Endorsement – the project must be endorsed by 4 or more sub-district cabinets continuing projects.
  4. Board of Directors – the project will have honorary or active Lions on the board or district representatives.
  • All currently endorsed projects must submit an annual letter stating that they wish to continue as endorsed projects and that all information as stated on their original application is still valid.
  • Notices of annual review are sent to all projects in December. A new, current financial statement may be requested. The project may include a sample of a promotional brochure describing their project 
  • The MD-4 Lion and Lioness Club Services Committee reviews applications and/or letters from each project. These must be received at the MD-4 office by January 15.
  • This list of projects is placed on the agenda at the February council meeting for review. The committee makes its recommendations to the council after reviewing all the submitted paperwork.

New Projects

  1. If a new project wishes to apply for endorsement, the same general procedure is followed.
  2. A representative of the Foundation or project should contact the local District Governor.
  3. The District Governor provides the Foundation with an application and the criteria (above).
  4. The completed application and supporting documentation should be sent to the MD-4 Lion and Lioness Club Services Committee chairperson, sitting Council Chairperson and the MD4 Office.
  5. The council at their next meeting will place the item on the agenda for consideration.
  6. Either the District Governor or a representative from the project can make a brief presentation to the council describing the project and why MD-4 support is being sought.