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Multiple District 4 California Lions

North America Membership Initiative (NAMI)

NAMI brings fresh thinking and bold action to maximize our membership, so we can maximize our service to the world.

NAMI Objectives

Each stage of the NAMI Process is described below. Click here for supporting documents.

Infographic illustrating NAMI process

The NAMI Process is aligned with the Lions Clubs International district strategic plans for 2020-21. All districts, whether they are participating in NAMI or not, will enter their goals and plans in the same way.

District NAMI SWOT Analysis

Multiple District SWOT Activity

Lions Global Service Journey

Resources from LCI 


District 4-C1

District 4-C2

District 4-C3

District 4-C4

District 4-C5

District 4-C6

District 4-A1

District 4-A2

District 4-A3

District 4-L1

District 4-L2

District 4-L3

District 4-L4

District 4-L5

District 4-L6

Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the North America Membership Initiative (NAMI)?
NAMI is a focused program designed to address and reverse the decline in Lions membership in Constitutional Areas 1 and 2 (CA1 and CA2).

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