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Multiple District 4 California Lions

MD4 NAMI Champion

Immediate Past District Governor Mark Piva 2020-2021


NAMI Area Team

PDG James "Andy" Anderson

PDG Craig Cooper

IPDG Juanita Nichols

PCC Mary Rynearson


NAMI District Champions

4-C1    PDG Dave Marceau

4-C3    Lion Barbara Chambers

4-C5    PDG James Andersen

4-A2    PDG Dean Church

4-L1    PDG Dave & Eva Hebebrand

4-L2    PDG Larry Wehage

4-L5    PCC Rob Manning

<span style=">4-L6    IPDG Norm Mackenzie

MD4 NAMI Champion Statement

NAMI is an opportunity for each of us, as Lions, to play a role in growing our association and leading us to the future. It’s an opportunity to reverse the decline in our membership.

NAMI gives us the tools to do this by emphasizing teamwork, goal setting, planning by rejuvenating our districts with new clubs, re-energizing  and revitalizing existing clubs with new members, and encouraging our members to engage in more meaningful service, fellowship and fun. And it all starts with clubs where we will improve the overall membership experience.

NAMI is our opportunity to lead our legacy into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the North America Membership Initiative (NAMI)?
NAMI is a focused program designed to address and reverse the decline in Lions membership in Constitutional Areas 1 and 2 (CA1 and CA2).

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NAMI Resources

MD-4 NAMI Page (

MD-4 District NAMI Plans (

MD-4 District NAMI Presentations (

LCI NAMI Website (

LCI NAMI Process (

LCI NAMI Build a Team (

LCI NAMI Build a Vision (

LCI NAMI Build a Plan (

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LCI NAMI Facebook ( )



North America Membership Initiative (NAMI)

NAMI brings fresh thinking and bold action to maximize our membership, so we can maximize our service to the world.

NAMI Objectives


Each stage of the NAMI Process is described below. Click here for supporting documents.

Infographic illustrating NAMI process

The NAMI Process is aligned with the Lions Clubs International district strategic plans for 2020-21. All districts, whether they are participating in NAMI or not, will enter their goals and plans in the same way.

District NAMI SWOT Analysis

Multiple District SWOT Activity