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California Lions Project Care: Environmental Projects

  1. What is California Lions Project Care: Environment?

California Lions Project Care: Environment is a statewide Lions Service Initiative during the month of April 2022, encouraging Lions Clubs to plan, execute and report their service activities which enhance the environment.

  1. Who may participate in this program?

All clubs in good standing in Multiple District 4 may opt to participate during the month of April 2022.

  1. How will we keep track of service?

Clubs will report their service activities in MyLion by May 15th.  Using information in MyLion, District GSTs will report the number of hours of service for each club in their District and the final data will be posted on the California Lions website.

  1. What is the purpose/goal of this program?

The purpose of California Lions Project Care: Environment is to engage clubs in a common statewide service initiative. All clubs, regardless of size, can take part. We will demonstrate and record the impact of California Lions Clubs across the state. It is an opportunity to attract new members via community and social media news coverage. Finally, this project will provide each District and Lions Club with a newsworthy, PR- friendly service campaign.  

  1. How will Districts implement California Lions Project Care: Environment?

Districts are encouraged to have all clubs participate regardless of size and/or to join with other clubs and service organizations via organized efforts.

  1. Will there be recognition for this project?

The Multiple District will present Certificates of Participation and Achievement to all clubs which participate

  1. Who is behind this project?

California Lions Project Care is a partnership between the MD4 GAT and the 2021-2022 Council of Governors.

California Lions Foundation Environment Grants

Beginning April 1, 2022, “Earth Day,” and through June 30, 2022, California Lions Clubs are encouraged to submit “Environment” grant requests to the California Lions Foundation (CLF) where grant monies are used to improve our California local community environment.   Our MD4 Global Service Team is partnering with CLF in promotion of this Environment Grant Program.  

A total of $60,000 has been allocated by the California Lions Foundation for the environment themed program.  Up to $4000 is available per MD4 District for grants approved in the April through May 2022 timeframe.  Any funds not allocated during the April-May timeframe will be reallocated into a statewide pool of grant monies available to any California Lions Club.