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Coronavirus (COVID-19) 
Keeping Lions informed of pertinent information, cancellations and
how you can continue your club's activities.

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In order to ensure a smooth transition & no lapse in service, it is imperative that all Clubs find ways to complete their 2020-21 Officer Elections and report the results by May 15th.

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LCI Convention Singapore Canceled

MD4 Lions Leadership Institute has been postponed to May 29-31, 2020.

MD4 Youth Exchange Program 2020 has been cancelled.

MD4 Student Speakers Contest on Hold

USA/Canada LEO Forum: Canceled. Virtual Forum is planned; please register here.

L.O.V.E. Program: April 2020 Quarterly Meeting Canceled

LIS Lions In Sight: All 2020 missions canceled





The Council of Governors decided unanimously to put the Student Speaker Contest on hold for the time being. Without penalty, any contests that have been held will stand. For now there will be no contest deadlines. Most Zone Contests have been held, if they have not been held they can be held in the future. Region Contests are postponed until further notice. The Governors have asked that District Contests not be held for now.


The Council of Governors is committed to continuing the Student Speaker Contest if at all possible. Several plans have been considered but most have some flaws.  Outdoor contests could violate isolation decrees.  Video Conferencing could work but lends itself various ways of getting around time keeping and coaching rules. We do not know how long this will last and what will happen in the future.


The Council of Governors will meet every two weeks online to consider various issues including the Student Speakers Contest. We will keep you informed of any changes.  The Student Speakers Committee has also committed to meeting regularly to help advise the Council of Governors.


In the mean time please advise your Student Speaker Chairs, Region Chairs and Zone Chairs.  An absolute must is to keep the Students informed as well.  We are committed to the Contest and the Students, but for now everything is on hold.  


Donald Gall

Council Chair

California Lions MD4