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Multiple District 4 California Lions

MD4 Excellence Award

If you know a Lion in good standing who has shown great leadership ability and demonstrates that ability in thought and deed; who has exhibited leadership by taking initiative with projects from their club and district; who has demonstrated dedication to the Lions organization and served as a role model for all Lions, they may be considered for MD4 Excellence Award. Consideration for nomination must be given to lifetime achievements of the candidate as well as to the candidate’s Lionistic attitude. Send your submissions to the District Cabinet. This is a once in a Lifetime award. Good Luck!  Excellence Award Application

Criteria and Procedures for MD4 Excellence Award


(Presented at District Conventions)

To be considered for this award, the nominee must be a Lion in good standing in a club in good standing from a district within Multiple District Four.

  1. The Lion must show great leadership ability and demonstrate that ability in thought and deed.
  2. A nominee shall have exhibited leadership by taking initiative with projects for their club and district.
  3. The Lion must have demonstrated dedication to the Lions organization and served as a role model for all Lions.
  4. Consideration for nomination must be given to lifetime achievements of the candidate as well as to the candidate’s attitude toward Lionism.


  1. One (1) award for each district with of up to 1,200 members, three (3) awards for districts with over 1,200 to 2,000 members and four (4) awards for districts with over 2,000 members as recorded on December 31.
  2. A Lion will receive the award only one time. The award would be presented at the district’s annual convention by a current MD-4 District Governor on behalf of the multiple district.
  3. Nominations for this award may come from clubs or the district cabinet and shall be in writing. Each nomination will contain full justification for the award, showing that the nominee is the most deserving available and that the nominee meets the criteria for the honor.
  4. The district cabinet will review all nominations and select the recipient(s) at a regularly scheduled meeting of the cabinet. The selection shall require a majority of votes cast of the cabinet members present. The decision of the district cabinet shall be final. The name(s) of the district recipient(s) shall be submitted to the Council of Governors no later than the February Council of Governors meeting.
  5. The District Governor, Vice District Governor, Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Treasurer and the Immediate Past District Governor shall be ineligible for this award.
  6. The Multiple District Four Excellence Award medals will be made available through the MD4 office. The award will consist of a medallion to be hung from a presentation ribbon and a resolution of appreciation issued by the Council of Governors. Each district will purchase the appropriate number of awards from the MD4 office each year.

Academy Awards of Lionism

Awards are presented at the MD4 Convention.

Nominees* should be the district’s winners of the prior year, unless under unusual circumstances nominated by the district governor before leaving office.

Categories are:

MD4 Lion of the Year

MD4 LEO of the Year

MD4 Kay & Denise Fukushima Couple of the Year

MD4 Club of the Year

MD4 Small Club Project of the Year (Small Club 20 members and below)

MD4 Medium Club Project of the Year (Medium Club 21 – 39 membership) 

MD4 Large Club Project of the Year (Large Club 40 and above in membership)



*District Governor, if you do not have these awards in your District, you may submit a nomination for any of the categories from the time frame listed. 

• All Lions in good standing within their Club, District, MD4 and LCI are eligible.

• A District Governor may submit only one nominee per each category. 

• District Governors (or their designees) will be responsible for forwarding all nominations to:


129 Los Aguajes Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

• The deadline for nomination submission is November 30. 

• Any exceptions must be approved by the current Council of Governors prior to November 30.