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March 27, 2018
by DG Bob Stewart
District 4C6 Leo Liaison, Julie Bach, who was very recently awarded MD4’s Leo of the Year award, introduced Leo Anouk to us.  Anouk is in the 8th grade and is the Leo President of the Redwood Middle School Leo’s Club (50 members strong).  Anouk and her mother, Lion Phyllis Tung of the Saratoga Lions Club, represented District 4C6 and MD4 at this past weekend’s Lions Day With the United Nations.  Shown in the second photograph is Anouk, her mother Phyllis, and LCI President Naresh Aggarwal.   Anouk will attend Saratoga High School in the Fall as a freshman, and plans to start a new Leo’s Club there too, also sponsored by Saratoga Lions Club.  
Also of special interest to our MD4 Leadership, observe on the same photo that LCI President Naresh continues to wear the Pasadena Rose Parade rose emblem glued onto his name badge.  He is still wearing from last January 1, and wherever he goes he is thereby promoting the Pasadena Rose Parade and MD4’s leadership role internationally!