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California Lions Clubs

Multiple District Four, California, Lions Clubs International (MD4)


4-L1 District Governor Steve Morgan

LA Los Feliz Lions Club
Carlos Huerta, President

“Hold on world the Future of Peace is looming”


4-L3  District Governor Bhee Donoghue
LA Seoul Lions Club
Dean Kim, President

 “I think when there is chaos, there is peace and spreading more peace doesn’t hurt”



4-L6 District Governor Neil Seefeldt
Rancho Bernardo Lions Club

 “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and builds a vision for tomorrow”




District Governor Nick McNicholas

Nevada City Lions Club
Chuck Woerner, President


4-C4 District Governor Mario Benavente
Millbrae Lions Club
Dave Van Wart, President

“The future of peace begins with us."




4-L2 District Governor Tessy Prumatico
City of Industry Lions Club
Stephen Budzak, President​

“Peace now is known as respect for others and overall international respect. Peace of the future is now beyond that we must create peace with forces beyond our knowledge.”


4-C1 District Governor Marianne Keesee

Redding Breakfast Lions Club
Dan Novak, President

“I hope when people look at my peace poster they will realize that we need to make the world a peaceful, happy, no judging, no trashing, loving place.”


4-C3 District Governor Rajen Thapa
Dawn Breakers Lions Club
Ken Clark, President

“I hope the future of peace has no war, no discrimination, no race issues. We all have to put in an effort to make the world a better place.”


4-A2 District Governor Kevin Patel

Hanford Breakfast Lions Club

“People often fear or disapprove of that which is different but I believe that our differences only make us unique, and we are all unique in our own wonderful ways."


4-C6 District Governor Bob Stewart
 Milpitas Executive Lions Club

“Our lives will depend on those whom are using technology four our peaceful, loving and beautiful future.”


4-C5 District Governor Nick McNicholas
Rocklin Lions Clu
Dennis Bull, President

“The future of peace is a choice that must be addressed. One choice leads to peace and prosperity, while the other leads to separation and destruction. Just remember that the future is up to you.”


4-L5 District Governor Mike Jones
Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club

"Children are our future. Young people must change the world, they will become the leaders and providers.”


4-A3 District Governor Norman McDaniel

Goleta Lions Club
Justin Mendoza, President


4-C2 District Governor Leslie Mize
Windsor Lions Club
Lucille Hynes, President

“When we come together our voice is stronger and there will be peace.”


4-L4 District Governor Judy Barr

Tustin Host Lions Club
Richard Bedel, President

“You can fight the world with anger and aggression or with peace and understanding.”


4-A1 District Governor Eileen Guadagnolo

Arnold Lions Club

“I drew a crystal ball holding the futures peace, with world peace leaders looking in. I showed the pride, religion and world flags. I believe peace should be given to all without persecution.”